Pro White

6500K & Tuneable

When you need the purity of white and the control of temperature using your remote. We offer our line of fixtures with both white enclosure color and white LEDS.

We offer a fixed 6500K or a tunable.

Fixed : All fixture LED's are 6500K cool white and using a remote you can control the brightness of all LEDS using the white UP/DN buttons on the remote

Tunable: fixture is a mix of 6500K and 2700K and using the remote white UP/DN and amber UP/DN buttons you can control the brightness of each level to give you the temperature desired.

Once you have set the fixture desired level you can also use the Master dimmer to change the brightness of all fixtures without loosing the temperature settings.

Warm white 2700K / Cool white 6500K

Lens Options

Pro White is available in beam width of 10, 25 and 60 degree beams to choose.

60 degree VS 25 degree
Wash Coverage 60 degree
(width x height)

PX5-600I (6 x 18)
PX5-300I (5 x 13)
PX5-250I (5 x 9)

Projection at 10 feet 60 degree
Projection at 10 feet 25 degree
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