MiniFlex- Glow

MiniFlex-Glow 360deg x 270deg Glow Field (RGBW)


MiniFlex-Glow designed to light hanging globes, lanterns and shapes with the unique glow head with a 360 degree x 270 degree glow field. The Cree RGBW LED is powered by li-ion battery technology to power the MiniFlex-Glow 8 hours ant full power. The MiniFlex-Glow is small enough to fit inside a 16 inch globe but bright enough to light up 36 inch globes.

Adjustable goose neck head and magnetic base will enable user to place and target the glow field or optimal illumination.

All the feature found in ColorMaker fixtures are also available in the MiniFlex-Glow including ColorRoll, auto addressing.

Model compatibility

MiniFlex-Glow is compatible with all ColorMaker current line of wireless remotes.


Glow Head

Adjustable goose neck head can be adjusted for optimal glow field. Glow head can also be removed and replaced in the event of damage. We are always developing new accessories for our product line and we have had a request from a customer to develop an adapter for lamp shade and fiber optic dome

The MiniFlex-Glow will fit into a 18 inch globe.
Pure White and Brilliant Colors
Easy to use just attach the hang bracket to cable. Then attach the MiniFlex-glow to bracket which is magnetic. Then hang the globe.

MiniFlex-Glow Case

Battery & Charging

The MiniFlex-Glow is powered by Li-ion battery and has a run time of 8 hours at full RGB. The MiniFlex-Glow can be recharged in 4 hours and will last 500 charge cycles.

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