MiniFlex- Spot

Ultra narrow 3 degree beam with clean soft round high lighter. The custom optics has zero light spill outside its ultra narrow 3 degree beam. Fully dimmable from 0-100 % wireless with our CM-T10PRO or TxPro-White controller. Auto program feature automatically set the control channel.

Adjustable goose neck head and magnetic base will enable user to place and target the beam. The Cree 1 watt LED is powered by li-ion battery technology and will run the MiniFlex-Spot for 10 hours at full power.

The MiniFlex-Spot produces a clean white light in the 65000K cool white and users can attach color gels and diffusers to adjust the desired colors.

Model compatibility

MiniFlex-Spot is compatible with all ColorMaker current line of wireless remotes.


Remotes with RGB controls like ColorCue the MiniFlex-Spot white dimmer levels are controlled using the red dimmer buttons and for RGBAW remotes like the PX5-T10 the white dimmer buttons are used. The MiniFlex-Spot will automatically detect the model of remote being used when auto address is set.

Ultra narrow beam will deliver a soft white highlight at 30 feet

Magnetic Base

The MniFlex-Spot has a magnetic base with a holding power to safely secure to steel truss or structure. Aluminum is not magnetic and will NOT secure the fixture safety be sure to check before mounting.

Gel and Diffusers

The MiniFlex-Spot was designed to hold gels and diffuser disk between the lens and bezel. Gels can be easily installed and removed to change the white LED beam to colors and change the white to warm or other temperatures as needed. ColorMaker offers a gel cutting kit for users to cut the 1.82 inch disk from their favorite gel sheets.

Battery & Charging

The MiniFlex-Spot is powered by Li-ion battery and has a run time of 10 hours at full intensity The MiniFlex-Spot can be recharged in 4 hours and will last 500 charge cycles. Consult the user manual for more information on charging.

MiniFlex-Spot Case

Holds 10 MiniFlex-Spot

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