MiniFlex- Color

The MiniFlex-Color wireless LED fixture is a small compact design with all the features found in the ColorMaker line of LED products. We designed the MiniFlex-Color with the highest standards to include powerful Li-ion battery to achieve an 8 hour run time at full RGB and a powerful 1 watt LED and 15 degree optics for pure colors. Even with all these features the MiniFlex-Color weighs in at only 1.2 lbs.

The custom optics has superior color mixing and clean 15 degree beam. Fully dimmable from 0-100 % with a range of 16 million colors with any of our wireless remotes.

Below are some of the new features available in the PX5 Series controls. These features will require the PX5-T10 wireless remote

Master control.

The is a brightness control for all fixtures on the network. When enabled the user can adjust all fixtures and all colors with the master UP and Down buttons controls. This feature includes fixtures running ColorRolls.

Group and Go

The user can select any of the fixtures and control them as a group.

Advanced ColorRoll

The PX5 series has advanced ColorRoll that include all 5 colors. ColorRolls can be executed and then adjust the rate. ColorRoll rates can be adjusted on the fly without the need to restart ColorRoll. There is also an Exit ColorRoll option, this options stops the ColorRoll and the fixture returns to the color prior to the ColorRoll command.

Magnetic Base

The MniFlex-Color has a magnetic base with a holding power to safely secure to steel truss or structure. Aluminum is not magnetic and will NOT secure the fixture safety be sure to check before mounting.

Battery & Charging

The MiniFlex-Color is powered by Li-ion battery and has a run time of 8 hours at full RGB The MiniFlex-Color can be recharged in 4 hours with Li-800 charge. Li-ion batteries will last 500 charge cycles. Consult the user manual for more information on charging.

MiniFlex-Color Case

Holds 10 MiniFlex-Color

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