PX Series Wireless LED Fixtures

PX Series is the next generation of wireless LED fixtures and controls designed and manufactured by ColorMaker in the USA. The PX series devices features our new custom flash processor that are user programmable. Updates and new firmware releases can be user programmed using a PC, software and a short interface cable. LED technology has come along way since its introduction in the early 80's and with current technology there are more colors, brighter dies and longer life.

We use high quality LED's in all our products with a life span of 100,000 hours, that's 11 years running 24/7 so we designed a system that can be upgraded through software by the user as we get more creative. The new PX series devices Firmware V1.0 currently utilizes only 30% of its on board technology so we have room to grow. We are only limited by our imagination.

The PX series Firmware V 1.0 fixtures are compatible with all previous remote controls to allow user to mix PS and PX series using CM-T10PROE, ColorCue and DMX-Link controls.

PX series fixture have enhanced color saturation with darker blue in the 465nm and green in the 525nm. Users may notice a color variation between the PS and the PX series. The PX250 and PX500 are brighter than it predecessor the PS250 and PS500 series. PX series are available in 30 degree (spot) or 60 degree (flood) beam angles.

Auto Addressing

Setup is as simple as pressing a button on the back of the fixture. Fixtures can be set to communicate with one of the Q buttons on the remote by pressing the program button on the fixture and selecting the Q button on the remote. Fixture will automatically detect the remote and configure all the information needed to control the RGB levels.

Power Supply

PX series is compatible with all power supplies by ColorMaker. D1210, D1220, N1210 and N1220 portable battery systems or Gl125000 wall adapter for 110v 60hz operation.

30 degree bean for Spot light

60 degree bean for Flood light
PX Series Firmware V1.0 is compatible with all ColorMaker radio remotes