ColorMaker remote controls are all wireless RF (radio frequency) remotes with +400 foot range and no line of sight required. We operate on 916 MHz which is an isolated band and outside the frequency of most DJ, Wifi and mobile phones frequencies. All ColorMaker remotes are FCC certified
DMX-Link Transmitter

DMX-Link PX5

DMX wireless interface for ColorMaker PX5 series LED fixtures. Control up to 32 individual LED fixtures with DMX512 signal or an unlimited when set on same address. Requires 5 DMX channels for each fixture RGBAW fixture .
No special codes, the DMX Link will give you complete control of color levels of each fixture just change the DMX channel value and the fixture will follow. Operating range of 400 feet. Easy to use Plug and Play system. DMX input through 3 pin XLR connector.


The PX5-T10 is the next generation of wireless controls for RGBAW color mixing. Control color levels of Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White with individual color level buttons. The PX5-T10 will control up to 90 individual PX5 series LED fixtures.

Master Dimmer
Group and GO
Advanced ColorRoll Control

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